Meet The Trustees


Fola Yahaya

I’m the Founder of Strategic Agenda, a communications consultancy that helps clients communicate with impact to a global audience.

After a stint at the UN, I completed a PhD at the LSE and then worked for Morgan Stanley, the UK home office, BP and the Government of Qatar, before founding Strategic Agenda.

Having attended various boarding and public schools I wanted something different for my children. Namely, that they should be cared for, and educated by, people who actually like children and that they should leave school bolstered by an academic and social confidence that empowers them to do anything and be nice to boot.


Rachel Lawlan

I’m a strategy consultant, coach, mum of two boys who attend LWS, and very proud to be involved with the Foundation as a trustee.

In my work, I help businesses and individuals define what impact they want to make on the world, and how to stay true to their purpose and values, so they can create real value in society and really enjoy what they do. I want the same for my children’s education.

A great education is not just about imparting knowledge and skills – it should also create young people with strong reserves of resilience, creativity and a firm sense of purpose. I love coming to the school and seeing all these kids with their different skills and interests, all of whom are curious and love learning, all being given the individual attention needed to develop their own sense of purpose and confidence to act in the world.

And our boys love coming to school, just because it’s so fun. And the fact it’s so fun makes learning really easy for them. It’s how school should be – and that’s why I became a trustee.

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Monica Taylor

These are some of the reasons why we moved our son to LWS and why I am so happy to be involved as a trustee:

  1. Children learn in an organic way that they truly remember. 

  2. Interesting homework - eg create a film, poster, essay about lightning - anything about lightning. We made a stop motion film.

  3. Small class sizes mean there is an overlap of year groups which is good for social skills and motivation. Houses create collaboration and friendly competition.  There is a peer to peer Mentor program.

  4. Behavioural issues are rare but are handled with care and respect.

  5. Lucy has a knack for attracting interesting and inspiring people to teach. There are men teaching which creates a more balanced dynamic and good role models for boys.  Our son's art and music teacher said that he feels lucky that he found a school like LWS that allows him to teach in an inclusive and confidence fostering way. 

LWS is a hidden gem and we are relieved and extremely happy with our choice.  Our son is as well which is the true test.  

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Caroline Vaughan

I believe that the best gift a parent can give their child is a good, well-rounded and fulfilling education.

Both of our children spent their foundation years at LWS. It gave them a very strong educational platform, enabling them to transition to secondary education with great confidence.

I believe LWS has a unique, individualistic approach to school life. My background is in accounting, and I have worked for small start up companies where no task is too hard, nor too varied. I look forward to utilising my knowledge and experience to help shape the future of the school.

I am honoured to have been asked to join the Board.