Lower School


  • We celebrate childhood

  • Positive, inspiring environment

  • Positive relationships

  • Curious and creative

  • Equality and diversity

  • Empathy and respect

  • Partnership and dialogue with parents

  • Self-esteem

  • High achievement

About the School


Guaranteed small classes – no bigger than 9 in reception and 16 children in the main school.

Children establish strong relationships with their teacher, getting support, developing a strong work ethic and maximising and achieving their potential.

Classes have children from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities, but they are all motivated. Children are not compared with each other, they are challenged against their own goals. They feel safe, creative and curious, not managing anxiety. Happy, confident students are available to learn and develop a rich and positive sense of who they are and can be.

Each class has a name:

Sprites (Reception)

Pegasus (Year 1)

Dragons (Year 2)

Unicorns (Year 3)

Griffins (Year 4)

Minotaurs (Year 5)

Centaurs (Year 6)

We use the Oxford Reading Scheme Floppy's Phonics.

School Day

7:30am Breakfast Club

8:30am Classrooms open

8:45am Registration

8:50am Early Morning Lessons

10:10am Morning Break

10:30am Late Morning Lessons

12:30pm Lunch - Sample Menu

1:00pm Playtime at the Outdoor Venture Centre

1:45pm Afternoon Lessons

3:30pm End of the School Day

3:45pm After School Snack

4:00pm After School Clubs

6:00pm Close

After School Clubs

Tier 1: All age inclusive drop-in club – no additional fee. Children relax, and spend time with other children on activities like board games, team games, drawing, homework and reading.


Tier 2: Interest based clubs run by the teachers – small fee per term to cover equipment. Typical clubs on offer are: Chess/backgammon and Band


Tier 3: Clubs run by specialists – charged additionally to fees. Typical clubs on offer are: Ballet and Tap, Drama and Football

Outdoor Learning

Reception and year 1 take their learning outside every week. Each Thursday, they visit the nature reserve at Meanwhile Gardens and explore the natural world, including the pond and the climbing ropes. They gather natural materials for at work and to use as props in role play and have made kites from plastic bags to learn more about aerodynamics.


They also have a community garden in the grounds of St. Charles hospital where they plant and harvest vegetables.  The school garden has offered the opportunity to harvest potatoes which the children have cleaned, cooked and eaten. Plenty of mini beasts are discovered and children learn how to handle them gently and return them safely to their natural habitat. 

Children learn through what they do, through what they encounter and through what they discover. They work together and develop a lifelong love of the outdoors. There are physical and mental health benefits, including improved fine motor skill development.



Children and staff are placed into four houses: Badgers, Bears, Tigers and Wolves. Children earn house-points for effort, achievement and positive behaviour choices. We hold an annual Sports Day consisting of both round-robin activities as well as competitive athletic activities. The winning house is awarded the Sports Cup on the day and, at the end of the academic year, the overall house winner is announced. Being in inter-house competitions gives all the children an opportunity to learn to loose graciously as well as to win triumphantly - as part of a team.

Children gain a positive sense of identity by belonging to their house and we have a strong tradition for each house raising money for charity during the year.

Lunches And Snacks

Parents provide their child’s morning fruit snack and we provide water and milk to drink. Our two chefs prepare hot fresh lunches daily and food consists of good old-fashioned, nutritiously balanced, school food cooked from scratch. Menus are available from the School Office.


Our uniform is an essential part of school identity. We expect all pupils to wear the correct uniform. The uniform is available from our supplier: Billings and Edmonds and purchases can be made online or at their shop. Second hand uniform is available for sale from the School Office.


Download the Uniform lists from Billings and Edmonds.

Physical Education

Children participate in a range of activities throughout the week, indoors/outdoors and as part of the school curriculum and after school clubs. These enjoyable activities contribute to the development of skills.


Children in Reception - Year 3 enjoy yoga and mindfulness each week. For the older children, options include swimming, yoga and karate.


LWS has sole use of the Venture Centre (Venture Community Association) every day for active play after lunch.This  amazing outdoor, secure, gated playground is full of rope swings, tyres, climbing frames and castles, slides and an all-weather football pitch. A truly well hidden and unique playground and adventure space for children in London.


We hold an annual Sports Day in July which has always been great fun for all the family.


We believe that children learn best in a safe environment where they feel comfortable. Teachers establish clear procedures and routines to underpin this and they provide both challenge and support.

To view our curriculum click here.

Pastoral Care

As a small school, everyone knows everyone from the babies up to our oldest member of staff (no names)! We cherish individuality and self-confidence and our aim is that every child will develop an organic and strong positive sense of self.

Lucy Meyer MPhil

Proprietor & Co-Principal

"I want to create a school where every child feels valued and is given the encouragement to become the best that they can be, a place they will leave prepared for the many different directions in which life may take them. This school is a safe, challenging and inspiring environment that builds within each child a passion for life and learning."

Our Staff

Our school, established since 1999, has developed a reputation for recruiting a happy, motivated and loyal staff team. We deliver the highest quality childcare by supporting our babies, toddlers and young children to achieve their full potential at each stage of development, giving them the best possible start in life.

Aaron Williams



"We provide education in the vibrant, urban setting that is Portobello Road and Notting Hill Gate. We offer a stimulating, supportive learning environment for a diverse community of happy, confident children who are eager to learn. Our parents value the importance we place on small classes and personalised learning."


School and Nursery Policies are available from the school office, or can be downloaded here.