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Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

In a human-scale school, everyone knows everyone from the babies up! We cherish each child’s individuality and self-confidence – we want them to develop a strong positive sense of self. The children learn how to communicate and negotiate so that they can understand their relationship to others. This helps them make positive choices about managing themselves and others in the community. We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and to be kind when solving disputes. We all value being part of a team and support the needs of both children and staff. There is a courteous informality between teachers and pupils, hence the use of first names.


This means that children learn to understand why we are respectful – it is not just a demand we make of the children. Ofsted recognises that our Child Protection and Health and Safety at the school is excellent.


Our traditional house system is made up of children from the age 4-16 years and they are encouraged to be positive role models for each other. New children are assigned a buddy, but in reality, it is always difficult to choose, as all our children love to do this job!

Contact Us

Lloyd Williamson Schools

77 St Charles Square


W10 6EB


t: 020 8962 0345


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