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Meet The School Staff

Work in progress

Hussain Razik

Hussain pic.jpeg

I teach primary (KS2) science, and secondary (KS3/4) biology, maths and astronomy. I am also the class tutor for years 10 (Lower Hydras) and 11 (Upper Hydras). I started teaching at LWS in early 2019. I enjoy teaching and I am passionate about the subjects I teach. I believe that every child has a right to education, and this inspiredm e to start private tutoring few years ago to KS3 up to and including A-Level students. In my capacity as class tutor, I support my students to cope with schoolwork, daily pressure and give advice and guidance on how to keep up and do their best of their abilities to move forward. And as a full-time teacher, I find myself engaged with fellow teachers, keeping up to date with school policies and safeguarding children. I find the multicultural fusion amongst students and teachers in the school a beautiful replica of the mosaic life in cosmopolitan London.

Tim pic.jpeg

Tim Smart

I am the head of art and music here at LWS. I graduated with a masters degree in illustration from the University of the Arts London (UAL) in 2013 and I have been teaching music for almost 20 years. I joined LWS in 2017 as a guitar teacher and began teaching art and music in 2018. As well as teaching these subjects, I am a pastoral tutor in the upper school. My goal as a teacher is to impart a passion for creating art in the students and fill the classrooms with a love for noisemaking and


Mahy kavei.jpeg

Mahy Kavei

I am a qualified teacher with an active life-long (for over 19 years) commitment to teaching as a Maths, Physics and Chemistry teacher.

Through years of experience, I have contributed throughout the whole process of the development of learning programs, including identifying individual learning needs through diagnostic assessments, the design of innovative and cooperative teaching/learning methods/material/handouts, lab preparation, integrating technology with learning activities, the design of various assessment methods, as well as helping individuals with tutoring and exam preparation.

I graduated with an MSc and BSc degree in the field of Physics, and further enhanced my teaching skills by attending various occupational training courses including AET, CET and DET courses.

I enjoy working for LWS, spending my time with students, learning new subjects and presenting them in the simplest possible language, in an interactive way via gamification to my learners.

Hannah Waterfield

I am an English teacher at LWS. My passion and joy of reading and writing led me to complete a degree in English Literature at Liverpool John Moore's University. After graduating in 2018, I started my secondary teacher training in Brighton, with the intention of sharing this passion. I have worked primarily in large academy schools. I now teach years 1-9 English at LWS and want to help students understand and celebrate the power of words.

Alban Casanova

I studied Languages and International Business in the south of France. Then, I studied Business at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville Florida for two semesters. I then worked for 5 years in the hotel industry. I came to London in 2005 where I completed a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages in 2006-2007 at the Institute of Education in London. I’ve been teaching A level French for the past six years in a sixth form college in Clapham south and I’ve been teaching French to years 9, 10 and 11 pupils at Lloyd Williamson since September 2018.

Melissa Cherry

Educated at Bristol and Cambridge Universities, I then  started a teaching career which has spanned more than 35 years.I have worked in both the state and private sectors, including prestigious Grammar schools like The Judd in Tonbridge so I bring a depth of knowledge and experience with me.  I  joined LWS in September 2022 teaching, among other things, English, RS and Latin.


I  work in London in term time  but my home is in Cornwall where I go to whenever I can and always in the holidays. In my spare time, I love being with my children and grandchildren and enjoy riding, cycling and walking as well as being involved in my local church. I have a passion for teaching and want to see every student I teach succeed and flourish. 


Janson Kopp

I am the Geography and Business studies teacher here at LWS.  In 2002, I graduated from Pennsylvania State University, with a bachelor's degree in history. I began my teaching career in 2007, after graduating from the Florida State University, with a masters degree in social science education. Starting in 2008, I began an international teaching career that has taken me to London, Hanoi, Yangon, Singapore, back to the U.S. and now back to London. I recently graduated from the London Metropolitan University, with a degree in international relations.  My interests outside of teaching, include traveling, hiking, learning about new cultures, trying new foods, Philly sports, and the city of London.

Aurore Savary_edited.jpg

Aurore Savary

I am a French native and I have lived in the UK for over 20 years and I now have dual nationalities.  Before coming to LWS, I taught French for 2 years in a Secondary Academy in Newham where I tried using language as a way of empowering children from all backgrounds.

I completed a Master in Art and Design at the University of the Arts in London in 2008, then a PGCE teaching French and Spanish at Goldsmiths university.   I prepare students for their GCSE exams early on, try to make my lessons culturally interesting and work with children to speak the target language in every lessons. 

teresa blank background _edited.jpg

Teresa Herrera Sanchez

I am Teresa, the Spanish teacher here at LWS. I qualified as a Teacher, and Speech and Language Therapist in 2012, from the Catholic University of Valencia in Spain. I have been working as a teacher in the UK since 2020, when I moved to London. I joined LWS in 2022 as the Spanish teacher, working along both lower and upper school, from year 1 to year 11. This gives me a great overview of everyone's needs. I really believe that education is the most important tool that we have to make this a better world. As a teacher, I'm delighted to have the chance to create impact in the next generation. Transmitting human values as respect, kindness and responsibility, is something that I find essential in society. At Lloyd Williamson School, as a Spanish teacher, I can also show the students this beautiful language, my mother tongue and the importance of learning about other cultures such as mine. In my lessons I use different resources that make them fun, engaging and instructive. My goal as a teacher is not just teaching them the knowledge of a new language, but also to make them realise how important and useful this tool is, how a good knowledge and understanding of the world can break borders and how enriching this can be.


Nurima Choudhury


Sarah Ali.jpeg

Sarah Ali

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a primary school teacher at LWS, as well as the pastoral tutor for the Dragons and Unicorns class. I graduated from The University of Exeter and have recently completed my PGCE with Distinction at London Metropolitan University. 


Reflecting on my early education, I really cherish the memories I have of my primary school. My teachers were inspirational, kind, empathetic and strong. They encouraged me to use my voice and were instrumental in my life long love of literature. The skills and knowledge we acquire in our earliest educational settings have the power to inspire us to go on and achieve our dreams. Therefore. I am committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, supportive and encouraging for all. 


As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I am passionate about the importance of good nutrition for children, as well as regular exercise and good quality sleep. Without these fundamentals, it is much more difficult for a child to reach their full potential at school. I hope to apply the knowledge and expertise I have gained in these areas to my career at LWS. 

Nicholas Page.jpeg

Nicholas Page


Bevan Binedell.jpeg

Bevan Binedell

Hello there, my name is Bevan Binedell and I hail from South Africa. I have been working at LWS for over 10 years and have a range of specialities here at the school from Health and Safety officer, Fire safety officer and First Aid  teacher to the children and all the staff. As well as the teaching year 7 History, I also teach PSHE, Reasoning and life skills. I work very closely with SEND children as an LSA as well.  I have recently completed my QNUK Level 3 in Teaching and Education and am currently taking a TEFL course (Teaching English as a foreign language). I also run clubs like Chess club, Lego club and football club. I am very lucky to be working at a school with so many opportunities. The best part of my job is when children learn something new as I believe if you make something fun, children retain information better. This is rewarding place to work and learn.

Jenny Babou

Ismail Elakhal

Meet The Nursery Staff

Work in progress


Emma Lima

My name is Emmanuela and I have been at LWS since 2017. I am the Nursery Manager. I am a qualified level 3 and SENCo and keep learning through various training done throughout the year. I believe in offering a welcoming and stimulating environment in order for children to achieve their full potential. It was after having my own child that my passion for childcare really grew as well as my understanding on how what is learnt through early years forms the basis for when starting primary education. I hope that you join us and see all the wonder that is LWS.

Anne Marie.jpeg

Anne Marie

Hi! My Name is Anne-Marie Julian. I have worked at LWS since May 2016 and I am a qualified level 3. I am currently deputy nursery co-ordinator and co-room leader of the 0-3s room. It has always been my passion to help children achieve their goals to their full potential. 


Kirstie Kehoe

Hello, my name is Kirstie, I was born and bred in in London. I have worked at the Lloyd Williamson schools since 2008. Coming from a big family I have always wanted to work with Children. I am currently the co room leader for the 0-3s and a qualified Level 3. I will be working toward my level 5 shortly.


Rocio Salado Rosas

My name is Rocio, I'm from Spain where I completed my level 6. I've been working at LWS for around 2 years. My first year was spent in the Baby Room and currently, I am the Cherubs room leader. I really like my job t - guiding and supporting the children.


Jade Watson

Hi, my name is Jade and I am an apprentice. I have always loved working with children. I am also a level 2 qualified hairdresser. I love the joy and comfort that I can bring into the children' lives and I love how happy working with them makes me. 

Mariya Stankova.jpeg

Mariya Stankova


Jerinal Olivia Prashanth.jpeg

Jerinal Olivia

My name is Jerinal and I have been a nursery apprentice at LWS since 2022. I am originally from India and, coming from a family of teachers, teaching children has always been my passion. I have enjoyed the on-the-job training experience at the nursery very much. I take pleasure in children demonstrating their learning from my teaching and look forward to learning more on early child care and development.


Mia Julian

Hi, my name is Mia. I am from St Lucia. I am currently an apprentice and I work with babies and Cherubs. I have worked with children in previous jobs and wanted to learn how to help them achieve their full potential. I hope to achieve my level 3 as I have experience of looking after large groups of children in a professional setting.


Menhaj Choudhury

My name is Menhaj and I am a qualified Level 3 practitioner. I have been working at LWS since 2010. I am currently working in the 0-3 rooms. I have always had a passion for working with children. I hope to progress further in my career. 

Meet The Office Staff


Deborah Thackeray

I am the head of administration and the bursar at LWS. I have grown into the role, having started working in the school in 2018. I am also the Careers Officer, Exams Officer and Upper School Mentor. I teach occasionally too. What I love about working at LWS is that every day is different and interesting!


Shaun Watson

My name is Shaun Watson, I have worked at LWSF since 2014. I began working in the nursery where I was able to be a part of many children's journey in growing while helping out with IT. I am eager to improve myself and am constantly on new courses/ training. Since being at LWSF I have undergone training to become a certified DSL, administrator among a few other roles.  After a lot of hard work and determination, I have now assumed the role of IT lead and senior administrator within LWSF. 


Clare Smart


Meet The Kitchen Staff


Angela Felix



Maria Correia


Cecilia Sousa


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