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The Lloyd Williamson Schools offer one to one mentoring for all students year 9 and above to help them navigate their future education and career paths.

Benefits For Mentees

· Mentees gain an increased awareness of their personal strengths and abilities – their self-confidence is enhanced

· Mentees learn to connect their strengths and interests to potential career pathways and post-secondary education

· Mentees gain an awareness of future post-secondary education options and an increased sense of aspiration

· Mentees learn how to begin planning for post-secondary education n

For Both Mentors and Mentees

· Mentors and mentees establish a positive, long-term relationship with one another

· Mentors and mentees have opportunities to explore career options

· Mentors and mentees have the information needed to begin making informed choices about planning for post-secondary studies

· Mentors and mentees are aware of how to get help in planning for post-secondary education

· Mentees learn how to succeed on their own by making decisions and following through on those decisions

· Mentees should recognise their own strengths, uniqueness and challenges

· Mentees have the resources, opportunities and capabilities to control their own life

· Mentors model problem-solving and encourage mentee to set their own goals and work towards them.

Mentoring is a strength-based approach built on the belief that all children—regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances—have strengths, capabilities and resources and the ability to recover from adversity. This approach focuses on opportunities, aspirations and solutions, and builds resilience.

Mentoring and Resilience

Resilience is the ability of individuals to cope successfully with stress-related situations, overcome adversity, or adapt positively to change. Resiliency is often compared to a rubber band that has the capacity to stretch to almost breaking point, but still spring back into shape. In our ever changing world, students are helped to develop the capacity to overcome difficulties and build for the future.

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