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British Values

The concept of ‘Fundamental British Values’ is completely embedded within the nurseries and schools. It is part of the statutory prevent guidance that all nurseries and schools must follow.

We do, however, prefer the word 'Moral' values rather than British values as these values are valid and crucial in all decent societies.

The four values are:

1. Democracy

2. Rule of law

3. Individual liberty

4. Mutual respect and appreciation

These values apply to everything we do:

For example, the principles of equality and diversity permeate everything throughout the school. We believe everyone's beliefs should be respected. Everyone, regardless of gender, religion, age, race, sexual orientation and marital status should be appreciated for who they are. We promote the children to be kind first and foremost and to enjoy and celebrate the diversity within the school and the outside world. We are Stonewall Champions which means that we celebrate the diversity that enriches our society and our children and students.

Our children are encouraged to follow rules that are decided on, not just by the adults but by the student council whose class representatives are chosen by a democratic process. The secondary children mentor the younger children and are involved with community projects every week.

We acknowledge that our students are privileged in that they have a warm nurturing school and their basic needs of a home, warmth and food on the table but we feel they need to understand that this is not the case for all - we run food bank collections and in the evenings our Upper School is divided in to two separate units with the dining hall being used for community projects and charities.

The children come in as individuals and we want them to leave as individuals. We encourage them to feel good about who they are. Healthy debate is encouraged with the proviso that we listen to other people' views with an open mind. When children leave us for the big wide world outside we aim to have equipped them with the skills they need to be a part of a democratic society in which they have the skills to be interesting, kind and a positive influence for the good of our society.

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